Your Premium All-Inclusive Experience


✔️ First Half Across Bay Bridge

✔️ Oaklandish Designed Gender-Specific Shirt (?)

✔️ Exclusive Inaugural Medal (?)

✔️ Free Participant Photos (?)

✔️ Customized Runner Bib

✔️ Live Music & DJ’s (?)

✔️ NUUN On-Course (?)

✔️ Live Runner Tracking (Download App)

✔️ Elegant ARC Beer Glass (?)

✔️ Custom BibBoards (?)

✔️ Tacos by COOL!NARIA

✔️ Private Label Beer from Old Kan (?)

✔️ HydraPak SpeedCup (?)

✔️ 2 Oakland A’s Tickets to ANY game

✔️ Cinco de Mayo Inspired Entertainment (?)

✔️ Free Nuun Product (?)


A True VIP Event

We’re excited to bring you a top-of-the-line running experience across the Bay Bridge. The launch parties, start, on-course, finish and festival have all been carefully crafted to ensure you feel like a history-making-celebrity-bridge-runner. From our exclusive Oaklandish BBH merch and live music to our taco bar and custom brew, in custom glass, from Old Kan, this is a half marathon not to miss!