Cup-less Racing


Cup-less racing is good for you, the environment and the Bay. We’ll be traveling over the beautiful San Francisco Bay for over 50% of the race, so we’ve partnered with HydraPak and their SpeedCup, along with NUUN, for a zero-waste 13.1 miles. Every runner will receive a custom SpeedCup during our packet pick-up launch events that you’ll take with you on course.

Along the course, we’ll have Water Monsters (110 gallon water tanks) with a rapid fill hose system to fill your SpeedCup along the way. You’re also welcome to bring a water bottle or another water receptacle.

IMPORTANT: A zero-waste event, means that there will be ZERO cups at our water stations, so you will need to run with your provided SpeedCup, a water-pack, bottle or anything else you feel comfortable with. Do we need to say “no glass” containers? Yeah, we didn’t think so…